anti-fascist song of the day – POISON IDEA – discontent

laut hören, klar sein!
eine hardcoreband aus portland,
mit ihrem treffenden antinazisong – „discontent“


link – POISON IDEA – discontent


So much discontent in this hatefilled place
How could you want a master race?
We all got to learn to help each other
You are my sister, you are my brother!
Open up your eyes and see, people living in harmony
Listen Nazi Never Again!
Open up your mouth and scream!!!, some of us still have a dream
Listen Nazi Never Again!
Open up your mind and think, what you spew really stinks
Listen Nazi Never Again!
Open up your ears to peace, will this bullshit ever cease?
Never Again!!!
We’re members of the same nation
One suppressing opposition
One way we can all be free
Fight the REAL Enemy!!

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